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Links Checked 22/04/2013 and Updated 21/05/2013
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Link Info/Picture
8BS Magazines
on line
Matt Robinson's on line 8BS magazine project. Conversions of the original 8BS magazine for the web
AAUG Association of Acorn User Groups
Acorn Electron The Acorn Electron Haven maintained by Dave Edwards
Acorn Gaming Pages Gareth Moore. Gareth used to run GLM PD
Acorn Publisher Thanks to Qercus for giving 8BS permission to use Acorn User things on the 8BS website.
Acorn User Scans Dave Edwards has scanned The Acorn User magazines and made them available on DVD
Angus Duggan's Page Angus Duggan's page. Containing, amongst other things, a plan for an Eprom programmer.
APDL Archimedes Public Domain  
Arcade Bulletin Board  BBC Bulletin board. Well Acorn RISC really, but a Beeb will work 
+44 (0)181 654 2212
BBC Connect Brian Jones's Front end for BBC Emulators
BBC Games Site Crispin Boylan. Crispin is trying to gather together a full collection of info
BBC Mailing List To join the BBC mailing list visit: http://lists.cloud9.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/bbc-micro
BBC Pages Ian Reid
BBC Website by James Watson
BB4W BBC Basic for Windows programmers
BBC Basic BBC Basic at mdfs.net On various platforms by Jonathan Harston
BBC Basic.co.uk BBC BASIC Programming Language (where you can download versions of BBC BASIC for Windows, MS-DOS, Z80-based CP/M, Amstrad CPC, Tatung Enstein, RISC OS (Brandy BASIC), Brandy BASIC for NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD/Linux/AmigaOS/Mac OS X/ MS-DOS/WinCE

BBC Documentation

Mark UsherMark Usher  NOT WORKING 18/02/2013 See the 8BS website for these manuals

Beebit Michael Foot
Beebmaster Maintained by Ian Wolstenholme
Beebdroid Beebdroid the Android BBC emulator
comp.sys.acorn Acorn discussion group
CAMiLEON Project An article about it
Classic Acorn Maintained by Richard Hall
Deskthority Wiki Info about keyboards and switches
Edmund Burke's Basic Tutorial BASIC Tutorial

Electron User Group

Elite Ian Bell's Elite pages.
JGH PD Jonathan G Harston
John Kortink A website with some interesting hardware available. GoMMC. ReTuLa and more
Jon Welch's DFS and ADFS Explorer Good PC software for juggling about with disc images. The best as of 21/07/2012
Luke ECR This website and company apparently stock most of the components you could wish for to repair your BBC
M.E.S.S. Multi Emulator Super System
Maplin Lots of useful bits that can be hard to find elsewhere
Monolight Peter Hatton's website
Music 5000 Link  
Oneswitch Web-site of leisure ideas and creations for people with Severe Learning Disabilities, including a BBC Micro used to help people speak, roll dice, and pick numbers.

Paul Z Granjon's BBC Webpage

and neato Z labPaul Granjon
R T Russell BBC Pages, Including BBC Basic Tutorial and BBC Basic 86 Manual. A lot of very interesting things on this site
Retro Beep The Bletchley Park Computer Museum
RetroClinic New! RetroClinic DataCentre for the BBC B B+ and Master 128 with USB Host, Slave and IDE interface
Sprow's BBC Pages

ROM cartridges
MiniB The very small BBC B

Stairway to Hell
Stardot Stairway To Hell Forum A lively and busy Beeb forum, well worth a visit
System 1 An excellent site describing the System 1 by Mike Cowlishaw
Telcontar Telcontar, an entertaining website by Daniel Beardsmore with this BBC page
The Acorn Electron Lives!
The BBC Lives!

Maintained by Robert Schmidt

The Machine Room Old 8 bit machines
The Micro User Matt Cocker's Micro User Archive.
The National Museum Of Computing Has one of the best collections of fully-working 8-bit machines anywhere in the world.
A classroom of BBC Micros and also examples of everything that Acorn ever made: Phoebe, BBC ARM development kit, Domesday laser discs etc.
Most Material also digitised including all BEEBUGs and RISC User in searchable form
Thomas Harte's Electron Emulation Thomas Hart's Electron Emulation site
Tim's Amstrad Users Site Contains some BBC Basic downloads

US Master 128 website

Robbie Harrison
Y2K [Sprow's M128 Y2K Fix][BBC MicThe Y2K][Mark Bush's FREE ROM Fix]
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