8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

JBEEB Java BBC Emulator
Instructions here



This Java emulator requires Java enabled, available from here.

On loading of this page, if all is going well, you should see a 640x550 rectangle above this text. If you don't then Java is not working for you.

You may also need to allow access through your firewall for Java and also you may need to allow your browser to run Java. Hopefully, both will have asked for permission when you came to this page. If not, you will need to study your documentation to find out how you do those things.

To start, click the 'Load Disk' button beneath the emulator. A new window will open up named 'Choose a disk image from the list' containing a list of disc images available. There is no way to load your own disc images (contact me and I can add more as long as they are not copyright).

IMPORTANT! If the disc is double sided (DSD extension), then check the 'Double sided' box in the disk selection window. There is also a drop down box in this window to select the disk size per side, ensure it is set to 200k for SSD and DSD discs, 8BS has no other sizes for those formats.). Select 'OK' in this window and it will close.

IMPORTANT! Click within the emulator (the black area of this page) to ensure that the focus is in the emulator or it will not work.

Now see what you can do. Unfortunately, currently, a lot of machine code stuff fails, the 40 column teletext articles for instance, however, a lot does work. For those of you unfamiliar with BBC computers, to make the disc work, do SHIFT+BREAK (that is the BBC computer keyboard) usually SHIFT+F12 on the PC keyboard. F0 on the BBC keboard is usually F10 on the PC keyboard

Doesn't work on my Android Gingerbread.